5 Ways to Effectively Promote Workplace Diversity

5 Ways to Effectively Promote Workplace Diversity

With over 36 percent of the individuals in the workforce being people of color and being that the internet makes it possible to do more international communicating than ever, diversity is becoming something that more and more companies are seeking to establish within their own offices. Not only does this reflect the signs of times, but there are also various studies to support the fact that the encouragement of diversity also makes for a more productive professional atmosphere as well.

So, if you have a business and you’d like to know about some of the things that you can do that will help to effectively promote workplace diversity, we have provided you with a list of five things below:

Have a no-tolerance policy for discrimination. When you hire your staff members, they need to feel like they are there because of their qualifications; that they will not be judged based on their age, ethnicity and sexual preference. Something that you can do to put their mind at ease is to implement a no-tolerance policy for discrimination. Make sure it’s something that you state during the interview process and also that you place it inside of your employee handbook. Discrimination is something that your employees, including those in management, need to know you will stay on top of.

Discourage cliques. Something that tended to be a problem in high school and is an even bigger issue at the workplace are cliques. So, if you start to notice that there are people who are constantly hanging out together to the point that it’s causing tension in the office, that’s something that you should address as soon as possible. The workplace is where individuals need to feel comfortable among their co-workers at all times.

Hold quarterly staff meetings. One way to encourage diversity by providing a platform for all of your employees to share their questions, comments, concerns; and perhaps even some creative ideas for how your work environment can increase in tolerance and productivity. The best way to do that is by holding quarterly staff meetings that directly address diversity issues.

Offer diversity literature. Thanks to platforms like DiversityInc. Best Practices , getting information on diversity is something that you can easily access. Some of the websites that provide a comprehensive list of diversity books that you can read is Good Reads. Just go to the site and put “diversity books” in the search field. There are also lots of websites that focus on improving diversity in the workplace. Some of those include, and Just go to those sites and put “workplace diversity” in the search field.

Provide diversity training. Finally, something else that you can do that will help to increase respect among your staff and also increase effectiveness at your business is provide diversity training. Certain programs will hold actual training sessions at your office, while others can provide you with the tools that you need to do the training yourself. Although it is an investment of time and money, when it comes to the success of your business, it will definitely pay off. For more information on diversity training programs within your area, visit your favorite search engine and put “diversity training programs”, along with your city and state in the search field.

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