Net Promoter Score – Identify Customers to Promote Your Business

Net Promoter Score – Identify Customers to Promote Your Business

Despite the advances in marketing tactics, the best form of promoting your business is still your customers. Word of mouth is even more accessible now we have a multitude of social media networks to chirp on. And people are talking more than ever!
Businesses can exploit modern behaviour by using a Net Promoter Score (NPS) to identify customer loyalty. The system takes measuring the level of customer satisfaction one step further and determines how happy your customers are with the service and product you provide.

An NPS will identify customers who have recommended your company to others, or those customers who would recommend your company. By winning over customers with special offers and excellent after-service, you can encourage them to promote your business through whichever social media network(s) you have linked to them.

Post-survey benefits of NPS
One of the principal reasons net promoter scores are so useful is they do not take much to prepare, but with the information you recover your business is in a strong position to take advantage of your customers’ willingness to promote your business to their friends and colleagues.

However, the results go much deeper than that. You can also identify customers who are advocates, but not entirely satisfied. Being able to identify the level of customer satisfaction allows you to improve your service to customers and get them on-board as promoters.

By addressing their needs you can reduce your customer turnover and build a core base of regulars that allows you to grow your business. You can therefore use the data you received from your NPS results to create an amazing customer experience rather than a passive one.

How to construct an NPS?
The number of questions you ask a customer in an NPS depends on the amount of information you want in return. It is recommended that you ask a minimum amount of questions to reduce the amount of time you spend with consumers. Sometime a single question – “Would you recommend this company to a friend?” is enough.

Each question has to be measured on a scale of 1-10. You can do this in a number of ways by asking the consumer to rate you on the scale. Or you can assign rates to answers, for example a negative answer, No is 1-3, a Maybe 4-7, and a Yes 8-10. The total of the NPS will give you a percentage that will separate the promoters from the detractors and identify advocates you need to work with.

An option for customers to provide additional feedback is also beneficial for companies to improve their product and service – particularly to advocates! Net Promoter Scores are a very powerful tool for your company to take advantage of customers promoting your business – and a great opportunity to thank them for it!

About the Realise Group
The Realise Group specialise in providing companies with research data that puts them in a strong position to understand how their customers feel and think about their product and services. With a focus on evaluating customer experience and consumer trends they provide a real insight for companies to improve their product and retain customers for future growth.

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