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Maximizing Your 401K Account

Entering the workforce is an exciting time for any young, former college student. Opportunity abounds and so does the potential for banking a lot of money. The wonders of compound interest are great at this time. Starting to save through a 401K for your retirement at 22, right out of school is a savvy financial move. You are going to thank your 22-year-old self when you are 65. The ability to sock away money is a practicable skill and starting early has benefits that stretch across decades.

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5 Ways to Effectively Promote Workplace Diversity

With over 36 percent of the individuals in the workforce being people of color and being that the internet makes it possible to do more international communicating than ever, diversity is becoming something that more and more companies are seeking to establish within their own offices. Not only does this reflect the signs of times, but there are also various studies to support the fact that the encouragement of diversity also makes for a more productive professional atmosphere as well.